Crunchy green things and I… At our wedding dinner a few years ago, my dad’s speech singled out a food milestone as an illustration of something that made him proud of his daughter – that I now eat crunchy green things. It’s true that as a young thing, I was rather unenamoured of the vegetable. What repelled me most of all were salads, being full of crunchy green things. Tastes like grass, I would say; yuck. Now I’m eating, cooking and writing about all manner of vegetables – read on below for more.

This blog… Marrying a vegequarian (or pescetarian, whichever you prefer) has been the practical life change that focussed my approach to learning about eating and cooking vegetables into a more coherent endeavour. We have mostly vegetarian fare at home and that’s what I’d like to share with others through this blog. Especially now with a little bub, I look for vegetarian and vege-and-seafood recipes that are straightforward to prepare, healthy, and pack a tasty punch. With the odd exception (which no doubt will appear in future posts), I prefer ingredients to taste like what they are: to enjoy, for example, the carrotness of carrots rather than the meatiness of tofu. And finally, of course, because there are plenty of sweets enjoyed in our home I also hope to post about our breakfast, baking and dessert treats as well. Thank you to my friend Leah, who introduced me to the world of food blogs in the first place, and to my vegequarian husband, who encouraged me to have a go at starting one up myself. I hope you’ll enjoy experimenting with these recipes, and I look forward to hearing how you go. Thanks for visiting!


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