A search for internet inspiration for kid-friendly cookies – sweet but not overly so, easy to make and fun to look at – let me yet again to Heidi’s great site with her recipe for Animal Cracker Cookies.  While this is a really straightforward recipe in which you essentially stir the wet into the dry, the resulting dough for me was a little crumbly and hard to hold together.  It was only after its resting time in the fridge that it was able to yield to the pressure of the rolling pin (albeit rolled between sheets of baking paper).  From that point, cutting out the shapes and transferring them to the baking tray was easy (I rolled out the dough to about 3mm thin), the cookies take just a few minutes to bake, and look super cute with rainbow sugar sprinkled on top!


Have a look at Heidi’s site for the recipe (here), which I can thoroughly recommend.  I used regular plain flour instead of the wholewheat pastry flour, and simply used the dessicated coconut I had on hand (this didn’t need further chopping).   You could use demerara sugar (our Australian substitute for the American turbinado) in place of rainbow sugar.  The coconut flavour is not too strong here: it works well as a lovely background flavour to a simple, plain cookie with a great snappy bite.